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“We have many newspapers and periodicals in the diaspora—one can say luxuriously many—and that is why this new publication will perhaps be seen by some as a waste of human and financial resources. It seems to us that those who think that way are mistaken. We believe ‘Vem’ was born out of real necessity.”

These were the introductory lines of an editorial written by Simon Vratzian in the very first issue of “Vem” (meaning “rock,” in Armenian), a journal on Armenian culture and history edited by Simon Vratzian and published in Paris from 1933-1939.

Simon Vratzian was the last prime minister of the First Republic of Armenia (1918-1920). Vratzian had put together the Armenian prominent scientists that were in immigration.

After 70 years, the publication of “Vem” recently resumed, this time in independent Armenia. It should mentioned that “Vem” was prohibited in the Soviet Armenia, as it didn’t correspond Communist ideology and it was against the standards of soviet science. After the independence, when the freedom was gained again, the question aroused to unify the Armenian researchers, the ones from Diaspora, as well as the foreign researchers specialized in Armenian studies and Near and Middle East countries’ history. The first new issue that was published in 2009 —vol. 1 (26), 212 pages—is a testament that, like “Vem” in the 1930’s, the publication was reborn “out of real necessity.”

The goal of Vem, as explained by its editors and publishers, is to combine the efforts of famous scholars from Armenia and the diaspora, and to ensure new and higher standards in the field of Armenian studies. Vem aims to introduce Armenian culture to non-Armenian circles, and to respond to Turkish-Azeri propaganda. It will include such topics as history, language, literature, philosophy, economics, and culture, along with briefings on new scholarly research under “Book Reviews” and “News.”

Specific attention will be given to modern Armenian history and current affairs, such as the national liberation movements, the Armenian Cause, and the Armenian Genocide.

Editor in Chief: Gevorg S. Khoudinyan
Assistant Editor: Rubina B. Peroomian

Editorial Board

Editorial board members from Armenia are academicians Vladimir B. Barkhudaryan (historian), Ruben Safrastyan (orientalist), Ashot A. Melkonyan (historian), Professor Albert Stepanyan (historian), Professor Suren Danielyan and Samvel Muradyan (literary critics), Levon Mkrtchyan (historian, now Armenia’s Minister of Education and Science).

Editorial board members from Lebanon are Dr. Mkrtich Mkrtchyan and Yervand Pambukyan, from Greece – Haroutiun Kurkjian, and from the United States – Garo Armenian and Vache Proodian.

National Impact factor for the VEM journal

Impact factor for the Armenian journals is calculated by the Center for Scientific Information and Analysis (www.csiam.sci.am). Starting from 2012 the Center is engaged in developing the national Impact Factor for national Armenian journals based on the expamples of WOS and its calculation.

According to CSIAM statistics VEM is the high-ranking Armenian journals in the field of humanities.

National IF for VEM journal for 2011-2014

2011 – 0,22
2012 – 0,10
2013 – 0,06
2014 – 0,13