Gevorg S. Khoudinyan

by/հեղինակ[ներ] on 11/08/2016

Ph. D. in History

G. Khoudinyan was born in Georgia in 1958. In 1981 he graduated the History Department of the Yerevan State University and in 1984 accomplished postgraduate studies. G. Khoudinyan has authored 5 scientific monographs, over 100 scientific articles and more than 4000 political analyses. His research interests include the history and ideology of national liberation movement’s issues of 19-20 centuries, also the history of the Armenian Question and the Armenian Genocide and the First Republic of Armenia. For years he was dealing with the problems of theory and methodology of history, aiming to overcome the rupture between Armenian and world historiography that resulted from the Soviet period. G. Khoudinyan has done a lot of research regarding a number of historiography world classics, such as Jo Droysen, E. Bernheim, R. Collingwood, S. Solovyev. G. Khoudinyan participated in several scientific conferences in Bulgaria, Iran and other countries. He has published numerous articles and conference abstracts abroad. Some of them are: The objective of 1918’s heroic battle (series of articles (6 parts) “Asparez”, exclusive, Los Angeles, 2008, May 27, Christapor Mikaelian, an attempt to draw a political portrait, “Aliq”, exclusive, Tehran, 2006, pp. 91-95. ARF Dashnaktsutyun’s cooperation with Bulgarian revolutionaries in 1895-1905, an international conference organized by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and ARF Dashnaktsutyun, Sofia, 2005, March.

G. Khoudinyan is not only the editor in chief of “Vem” journal, but also continues scientific research as a leading researcher at the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of RA.