Hrant Matevosyan and Sergei Dovlatov


David V. Petrosyan

Key words – civilization environment, bells lettres, H. Matevosyan, S. Dovlatov, totalitarianism, literature, freedom to create, author, narrator, F. Braudel, archetypal symbol.

Based on the novels “Hangover” by H. Matevosyan and “Reserve” by S. Dovlatov, the article discusses the relations of political environment and narrative art, which develop in a very interesting way in parallel to the creation of the text. The comparative study was conducted in the context of civilizational time. Both stories are built around the principle of fragmentation, full of events (in a short period of time) that lead the story to the impasse. H. Matevosyan and S. Dovlatov overcome this problem by means of metaphysical self-contemplation: the narrative ends with the help of the archetypal symbols in the territory of a long civilizational duration.

The subject of the relation of civilizational environment and narrative art, represented by H. Matevosyan and S. Dovlatov, also has the possibility of other hypertext analysis that can lead the researcher towards new discoveries.

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