Part two. Text and external context


Slavi Avik-M. Harutyunyan

Key words – theatre, cinema, performance, recipient, text, external context, Yuri Lotman, text area, imaginary world, reality, pseudo reality, spectator, mysteries, stage.

The types of mutual relations of text and external context are analyzed in the article. The external context is taking part in the forming of text’s gist process and that’s why its features and any changes within it can affect on the perception and evaluation of the artwork. Parallel to this, the opposite phenomenon is analyzed: how the text in its turn affects the context, participates in its forming process. The texts of various forms of art affect the process of forming of “living environment”, as well as they affect each other. While the problem of “text and external context” is researched, the phenomenon in which the creator of the artwork tries to blur the boarders between the artwork and the external context is also analyzed. The research of the penetration method of real life events into the art is made with the examples of the theatre, the cinema and the fiction literature. And finally, it is shown that the wide penetration of the life into the art causes the boarders between the real world and the imaginary word to become even more blurred. And not only the art becomes the reflection and formulation of the real world but the reality also starts to reflect the art which has a huge influence on the life in the modern mass culture by forming a system with particular esthetic statements and also moral, socio-political and similar standards, a system of ideas and assessments.

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