Cultural Awareness in the Context of Media Experience


Mariam M. Karapetyan

Key words – cultural Awareness, Mass Culture, Mosaic Culture, Cultural Journalism, Cultural Proximity, Creativity, Modernity.

The article examines the problem of proximity of culture and modernity. The article focuses on the significant issue of the effectiveness of the bond of culture and cultural journalism on one hand and modernity on the other: how exactly do the Armenian TV channels produce contemporary cultural references or are they involved in the media production of modernity at all? And if they are, what kind of verbal and textual means do they use? The main question relates to the possible role of cultural journalism in overcoming the cultural alienation for Armenian society. Cultural journalism is presented as a sector of creativity with market issues. Explores the cultural journalism and two characteristic features of the modern world, relations of consumerism and creativity in the armenian context. An attempt was made to think about the media’s “mediation mission” possible “auxiliary content” (contexts of idea implementation, contexts of semantic perceptions) production, that can contribute to the creative and constructive words’ update. Particularly, the production of meanings of “culture’s mobility”, “variety”, “hypothetical situation”, “authorship” is addressed to the culture illustrating media. Theoretical inquiries are presented along with a number of practical ways to solve them.

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