Siranush G. Hovhannisyan


The article focuses on the connection between the objective reality, inner world of a person and linguistic system of signs. It presents how a person starts to recognize the real world, how a sensual world comes into existence in a person. Accordingly, we differentiate three types of human existence – perceptional, intellectual and physical. It is shown how the outer world is reflected in the inner world of a person and how it is designated. It is underlined that the part of a person’s existence which becomes complete due to perceptional existence is mainly designated by means of nonlinguistic signs. A linguistic sign is conditional when it has the mission of naming a big and continually growing feeling. Such an emotional experience may be designated also by a motivated sign, which will not be a linguistic sign any more. All the linguistic signs have only one nonlinguistic synonym – silence. Thus, we can conclude that on the one hand the continuously growing feeling can be estranged by adjusting to the corresponding linguistic sign and on the other hand it can be estranged by the one and only nonlinguistic synonym – silence. In the last case the appointer of the linguistic segment being estranged is quite reasonable.

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