Karlen A. Mirumyan

During the breakthrough stages of the development of society, a necessity arises to reevaluate the old value system, the principles of world views, and to develop new critical directions. These issues are extremely important including also for independent Armenia. However, its solution demands a serious, based on the creation of a methodological doctrine, which would be in the position to relate to the Armenian nation’s past and present; to view Armenians as a complete system. To create such a methodological doctrine it is necessary to choose, cultivate a baseline concept.

In the opinion of the author, the concepts of nation and national entity can play a role. In addition, put forward in the article is the idea that each nation that has a rich spiritual cultural history must create just like its history, the history of the mentality; studying their own methodological thesis, surely accounting for the existence of theses in international sciences. The other primary idea is not that methodological theory has to be “put” onto a concrete historical process, but the opposite. The methodology has to come from the study of a concrete (national) history.

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