Manuk A. Harutyunyan
In the article the manifestations of one of the most crucial notions of modern social sciences, i.e. the phenomenon of alienation, are being examined in Armenia. An ordinary Armenian citizen’s isolation, alienation from those basic institutions, groups and people who supervise the country’s political life is being demonstrated. The Armenian’s flexibility and passive position to the latters bring to the gradual formation of shady stipulated right, shady justice and, actually, “shady law and order” in the country.

The fact that the diffidence and discontentment that exist in Armenia are not crystallized in the massive complaint against the political system testifies to the feeling of social dissatisfaction and the de-centralization and de-unity of the political energy. The reasons are to be sought in the undeveloped nature of the massive political consciousness, as well as the individum-worshiping psychology uniquely typical of the Armenians, through which we traditionally used to be taught to concentrate our attention on persons and the personal factor in the socio-political life. To overcome the phenomenon of alienation in Armenia, the state management ideology should be based on the principle of social cooperation and democratic participation, as without the nation’s massive participation and assistance, democracy cannot exist.

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