Arsen M. Gljyan
Key words
– Paronyan, Aristotle, philosopher, culture, Aris-tophanes, tragedy, comedy, mimesis, catharsis, Goldoni, Boileau, Moliere, Shakespeare.
Paronyan, like Goethe, understood that it is necessary to learn from Shake-speare, Moliere, Boileau, but above all among the ancient Greeks, since their knowledge and experience are an important criterion for humanity. He learned a lot, studying ancient Greek mythology, legends and myths, as well as the heritage of artists and theorists of art. Among the theorists of Greek art, Paro-nian’s special attention was attracted especally to Aristotle. Artists of the An-cient World – Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and others, reviving the appropriate artistic forms, made the theory of classical folklore of a more seri-ous nature, and Aristotle summed up the experience and ideas of all of them.Paronyan learned a lot from Aristotle, but never imitated him. The younger generations are generally involved in literary culture, appropriating the experi-ence and knowledge of various cultures, but they compose on the basis of a clear understanding of folklore, which is the result of a person’s psychologic development. Paronyan, having passed through the Aristotelian readings, using his knowledge as a methodological index, built his own individuality and cre-ated his immortal works on his own heights of the folklore genre.


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