In the context of linguistic turn


Davit R. Mosinyan

Key Words – history, historiography, world history, linguistic turn, narrative, analytical philosophy of history, White, metahistory, trop

The twentieth century philosophy is considerable, among other things, with the linguistic turn, which was intended to resolve the current confusion in philosophy. Linguistic turn declares that the only subject matter of philosophy is a language. That is the essence of the linguistic turn. Subsequently, it also took place in the theory and philosophy of history, because the history is presented as a linguistic text, which has its own logic. Therefore, the written history is not the description of the past, as it were, but is a text on a past built within language and its logic. Hayden White’s “Metahistory: historical imagination of the 19th century in Europe” is a work which marked a new stage in the theory and philosophy history, as it presents the history of historiography for the first time.

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