Part I: The Issue of Preservation of the Armenian Kingdom


Arman S. Yeghiazaryan

Ashot the Iron is one of the greatest figures in the history of Armenia. The period of his reign (914-929) has an epochal importance for the history of Armenia, because he managed to both save the Armenian kingdom from collapse, and restore the state system, which was destroyed during the prolonged invasion of the Atropatene ruler troops.

Ashot the Iron was declared as the heir to the throne in 903. In 910 he headed the Armenian army against the troops of Atropatene in Dzknavadjar battle, where his army was defeated.

After Smbat I the Armenian king (891-914) was captured, in 913 Ashot the Iron led the war against Atropatene and managed to liberate the central and north-eastern parts of the Armenian kingdom.

In 914 he was crowned and declared as the king of Armenia.

Soon he faced a number of serious difficulties, which forced him to appeal to the Byzantine emperor for help. In 915 he left for Constantinople, where he was received with honors. There he got the information about the new attacks of the ruler of Atropatene and hurriedly returned to Armenia. The Byzantine emperor sent troops to assist him against the enemy.

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