Dedicated to the 90th anniversary of academician Sergey Sarinyan


Thadevos A.Khachatryan

The entire work of Sarinyan as literary critic has focused on the rise in social status of study of literature as a profession. Sarinyan was very close to define the literature and predict the true method of reading the literature in equivalent way.

Of course, it would be tempting to compare Sarinyan with other critics of the same period, first and foremost with Ed. Jrbashyan and Hrant Tamrazyan. As a result of this comparative research we can say that in the first case it is the philologist, who is dominant in the literature, in the second case it is the critic and in the last case it is the literary critic. The above features are not only dominant In each of them, but are also advantages for others.

During his literary activity S.Sarinyan had multiple ideas, many of which were applied to his works. Some of them remained in between the lines, in some articles and were not developed. One of the most prominent ideas of Sarinyan in the last 10-15 years is about the philosophy of literature.

Sarinyan is one of currently operating unique literary critics, who is fully aware of mind spin Armenian science concerning literature, so he is trying to offer a way out, not relying on existing literary tradition, but eager to bring the subject out, seems to a higher social status – in the field of philosophy. Sarinyan’s biggest wish is to see modern literature as a science.

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