Part II: The shape of independent historical perspective of the all-Georgian Kingdom.


Arman S. Yeghiazaryan
In the 9th century the tendency of the spread of superiority of the Curopalacity of Kgharjk over Georgia was emphasized.

The main goal of curopalate of Kgharjk Atrnerseh Bagratuni was to achieve the dominant position among the South Caucasus Chalcedonians with the perspective to include them in a joint kingdom led by Kgharjian Bagratunis. At the same time Atrnerseh tried to seize the throne of Armenian King Smbat I, but failed

In the last years of Smbat I, the weakening of the Armenian kingdom led to broad perspectives for the Kingdom of Abkhazia and the Curopalacity of Kgharjk. The Abkhazats kingdom, which was far from the dynamic events of those times, became gradually stronger and took over Georgia after a couple of years.

During the reign of Atrnerseh in the Curopalacity of Kgharjk, there was one more reputable prince named Gurgen Bagratuni, who successfully withstood the Abkhazian king, conquered the lands neighboring his principality also spread the Chalcedonian faith in the Albanian kingdom.


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