Rubina B. Peroomian

by/հեղինակ[ներ] on 11/08/2016

Rubina B. Piroomian (Los Angeles) executes the duties of Assistant Editor.

Rubina Peroomian, Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, specializing in Armenian Studies, University of California, Los Angeles.

Formerly, instructor of Armenian Studies at UCLA, Glendale Community College, and the University of Laverne.

Currently, independent scholar, author.

Has authored several research articles in English and Armenian in scholarly journals and has contributed chapters in books, as well as textbooks on the Armenian Question, in the Armenian language for high school students.

Has lectured widely and made presentations in Armenian and English in international symposia.

Her publications include:
Literary Responses to Catastrophe: A Comparison of the Armenian and the Jewish Experience (1993);
Armenia in the Web of the ARF-Bolshevik Relationship, 1917-1921 (1997), in the Armenian language, also translated and published in Russian;
And those who Continued Living in Turkey after 1915, The Metamorphoses of the Post-Genocide Armenian Identity as Reflected in Artistic Literature (2008 and 2012);
The Armenian Genocide in Literature, Perceptions of Those who Lived through the Years of Calamity (2012, 2014);
The Armenian Genocide in Literature, The Second Generation Responds (2015).