Armen S. Asryan

Key words – liberation, individuality, work, Aram Manukyan, Western Armenia, weapon, ammunition, collection, people, motherland, ARF Dashnaktsutyun, letters.

On the occasion of 100 Anniversery Republic of Armenia the collection entitled “Aram Manukyan: Collection of Letters” is presented to the Armenian reader for the first time. It includes 354 letters by the famous freedom fighter of Armenian liberation movement, the founder of the First Republic Aram Manukyan written from November 1904 up to 1915: 325 letters are published for the first time. The collection is comprised, edited and commented by the historian YervandPambukyan, who has exercised a really tremendous , hard and thankful work dedicating to this job 14 long and tough years. Though Aram’s manuscripts are rather beautiful and legible but the deciphering of his letters’ numerous codes and digital cryptograms, the revelation of revolutionary pseudonyms, the commenting of forgottentoponymswritten in foreign language and personal names is, indeed, the hardest task and does need diligent work. Comments that are accompanying the collection from beginning up to the end have greatly eased the perception of the letters by simultaneously accomplishing the transmitted information. Aram Manukyan’s letters included in the reviewed collection were found from ARF Dashnaktsutyun’s archives in far off city of Boston.

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