E. Harutyunyan

Key words – contestation, architectonics, expression of will, engineering, life, past, present, future, art of living, identity.

Life is much more significant than moving from one insufficiency to another. Life is an unfinished event and the human is an eternal Faust. The world must be constantly contested so that the life is not deprived of prospect. Contesting is a bid for architectonics of the world. The human has metaphysical surplus of energy and aesthetical creation of the world is his incurable “disease”. The human being cannot live chained to herself. The past pulls, and the future calls. The present does not have history while the life is a story. Each person tries to govern their limited life and to convert it into a story. The past and future story of human life is a text of “how to live” on which we endlessly work and readjust according to our conceptions The article discusses the issues of social-cultural modernization of the Armenian nation living in existential environment and development of “life project” equivalent to contemporary geopolitical conditions. Because of almost perpetual unbeneficial external and internal circumstances the Armenian nation has been forced to choose the “Esthetical” solutions of its existence and has followed to principles of nationalistic ethics when organizing and regulating its life. These principles form a “World of friends” in space and “world of generations” in time. These worlds which organized the national life is a “world of community”, which is outstanding by its cultural power but not by its civilizational will, however to address the challenges of contemporary world a nation needs civilizational organization and a will to choose.

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