G. K. Shashikyan

Key words – narratology, narrator, text, intertextuality, paratextuality, metatextuality, hypertextuality, architextuality, Aghasi Ayvazyan, Objective-18.

The article analyzes the book «Objective-18» by Aghasi Ayvazyan as an interesting example of knowingly cited quotes (exact or modified, when a text or part of a text refers to or mentions another text or part of a text) from one’s own and other authors’ texts. In literary works, as well as in any type of text, the title and the epigraph have most important functions due to the place they take; they express the author’s position and guide the reader, they create an intertextual link, change the meaning of the text or give it a new meaning, serve as hints for coming events and so on. The author of the article examines the internal connections between the title, the epigraph and the text, which led to the transformation of the genre.

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