In the cotext of references to the doctrine of psychophysics by Wilhelm Wundt


Aram G. Alexanyan

Key words – Levon Shant, Hovh. Tumanyan, wayward, pantheism, evolution, life as a spiritual reality, the ideal of Great life, activity; universal life creation, collective will.

Biophilosophy of Levon Shant and Hovh. Tumanyan has never become a separate theme for investigation by revealing the philosophical imprint of their worldview. This issue was partly touched upon in the written monographs and articles but has never been studied completely and thoroughly. Some reasearchers have pointed out that Shant had been the student of Wilhelm Wundt, but his scientific and literary heritage was never considered in the cotext of the doctrine of the German philosopher.

Moreover, the literary heritage of Hovh. Tumanian was evaluated in the field of studies devoted to him by value-based forms deriving from Soviet ideology (realism, the expresser of social protest, writer of village life, the singer of the nation’s aims, hopes and feelings, popularity and so on). To this was added the irrelevan and simplified apologetics, that is, the praise that flooded the field of studies devoted to Tumanyan. We believe that both the biophilosophy and litearary heritage of Shant and Tumanyan do need profound and comprehensive specialized study.

The aim of combined study of the biophilosophy of Levon Shant and Hovhannes Tumanya carried out in the article is to completely outline, as much as possible, the cultural transformation of Wundt’s doctrine into the litearary heritage of Armenian thinkers

The reference to the field of studies devoted to Shant, in essence, is intended to revise its relations with Nietzsche, symbolists, the precise questionings of the time and to propose an effective research method for examining his works.

The perceptions of Hovh. Tumanyan deriving from Wundt’s doctrine also have fundamental nature (a/ theory of evolution; b/ the necessity of perceiving the nations’ psychology; c/ classification of the world as a spiritual relity; e/ universal unity of mankind and ideals and so on).

To this geographical determinism and cultural-historical principle is added.

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