Anahit Z. Adilkhanyan

Key words – Speech etiquette, appeal you/You, communicative situation, social role, official, unofficial situation, degree of acquaintance, familiar attitude, characteristics of the speakers, change of the attitude, change from “you” and “You” for “you”.

All of us anyway communicate with others, and it is important to follow some etiquette, when it comes to negotiating, meetings with clients, simply politeness. It is necessary to appeal with “You” to all unfamiliar people independеntly from the age and social status, to the employees, partners and so on. It is allowed to use “you” towards the members of the family, friends and children. In the collective it is possible only between the colleagues, who make friends, but in an official situation it is necessary to apply with “You”. For a time “you” and “You” have undergone many transformations. A big etiquette importance has got the possible change from “you” to “You” and from “You” to “you”. The transition like this bear important changes in the attitude of people to each other, and this factor of attitudes comes to the fore in this case.

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