The comparative analysis of 2005-2010 publications of “Asparez” (Los-Angeles), “Alik” (Tehran) and “Noev Kovcheg” (Moscow) periodicals


Syuzanna S. Barseghyan

Key words – diaspora, ethnic media, identity, ethnic and cultural values, content analysis.

Ethnic media is played an important role among the Diaspora’s traditional organizations created for preserving ethnic identity in foreign environment. The history of the Armenian Diaspora communities’ formation were accompanied by creation of a press. It was not only contribute to preservation and dissemination of ethnic and cultural values, but also played a significant role in everyday life of immigrants, in ethnic communities’ consolidation and self-organization process. In the current globalized and technological era ethnic media could assume a greater role to establish transnational communication network between homeland and diaspora communities and to form common system of values.

The aim of presented article is to show the role of ethnic media in the preservation of cultural and ethnic identity, in the processes of reproduction and dissemination of values. The article examines following research objectives: a) determine the impact of press on ethnic and cultural identity; b) evaluate the role of press in reproduction and dissemination of the ethnic and cultural values; c) find the special and general (local and global) ethnic values, symbols, myths and ideas spreaded by press.

The article examines comparative analysis of three ethnic press in Los Angeles (“Asbarez”), Tehran (“Alik”) and Moscow (“Noyev Kovcheg”). The study was conducted through content analysis method and included six years (2005-2010) publications of three periodicals.

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