Types of mutual relations of text and context


Slavi-Avik M. Harutyunyan

Key words – text, context, cinema text, Yuri Lotman, Mikhail Bakhtin, artwork, specular reflection, Eden, text level, metatext, semiotics, text in text

The importance of the context and text and their influence on the creation of the meaning are thoroughly analyzed in this article. The author researches different levels of inner context and concretizes them on the example of movie, fictional and picturesque text, and also other possible variations. In interrelation with the text, the context transforms into a subsystem, and the change of context brings the change of the text meaning. In case of complex texts several contexts or different levels of contexts are viewed, that is horizontal and vertical levels each of them forming the meaning of the text in its own way. From the perspective of semiotics the phenomenon “text in text” is interpreted on different layers, which complicates the structure of text. Besides, not only the interpenetration of art into the similar type of texts is analyzed, but also the essence of interpenetration of different types of art one into another.

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