Albert A. Kharatyan, Western-Armenian press at the end of its history (1900-1922), Yerevan, Institute of History of NAS RA, 2015, 533 p. – 2016-1


Mariam H. Gevorkyan

Keywords – Western Armenian press, Constantinople, Smyrna, Hamid censorship, Young Turks, the official newspaper “Azatamart”, newspaper “Verjin lur” (“Latest News”), weekly “Aragats”, newspaper “Arevelyan Mamul” (“Oriental Press” ).

The following valuable work of Albert A. Kharatyan (Corresponding Member of NAS RA) called “Western-Armenian press at the end of its history (1900-1922)” summarizes a very important period of development of the Armenian periodical press – the history of Western Armenian press in the first quarter of the 20th century. The author summed up and presented a certain period of the history of Western-Armenian press in a consistent and systematic way, defining at the same time the role and the importance of a number of leading periodicals.

The significance of the work consists also of the fact that it considers the periodic press that has not previously been the subject of systematic research. There were only a few references, comments concerning a particular periodical or editor.

The work by A. Kharatyan gives a full and deep understanding of WesternArmenian public opinion, national issues, political and cultural realities of the first quarter of the 20th century, creating some serious information basis for further study and research of media and political thought.

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