Taguhi Shishmanyan (Oriord Menik), works (examined by Al. A. Makaryan), Yerevan, “Nairi” Pub., 2015, 204 p.


Hayk A. Hambardzumyan

Key words – Taguhi Shishmanyan, Miss Menic, Western Armenian literature, novel, Albert Makaryan, “Falling star of the spring”, Tserents, literary movement of the 1880s.

The review presents the book of Collected Works of Taguhi Shishmanyan Melik-Azaryants (pen name Oriord Menik – 1859-1885). Taguhi Shishmanyan is the daughter of the famous novelist Tserents and also talented author of little prose. Shishamanyan’s short story “A Meteor of Spring” is the first in this genre in Western Armenian literature. After the publication in 1883, this work has got some large attention by the Western Armenian literary workers.

The book contains not only previously published author’s works but also unprinted literary heritage and letters. Texts are accompanied by numerous comments and thoroughly analyse of the authoress life and work by editor of the book A. Makaryan.

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