Part II: Reestablishment of the Armenian Kingdom


Arman S. Yeghiazaryan

Key words – Ashot the Iron; Armenian kingdom; catholicos; historical period; coronation; Ashot, son of Shapuh; shahnshah; Sbuk; Gagik Artsruni; Abas.

Ashot the Iron returned from Constantinople in 919 and immediately restarted the liberation war against the troops of Yusuf, emir of Atrpatakan, who have already crowned Ashot-the brother’s son of king of Armenia Smbat I.

There were 3 kings of Armenia at that time: Ashot the Iron, Gagik Artsruni from Vaspurakan and Ashot, son of Shapuh, crowned by Yusuf.

Successes of Ashot the Iron forced the emir of Atrpatakan to recognize him as a king of Armenia.

After Yusuf was captured in 919, Subuk, new emir of Atrpatakan proclaimed Ashot the Iron as a king of kings.

After Yusuf released and returned he attacked Vaspurakan, then left for Atrpatakan. He sent to Armenia Nasr al-Subuki as a governor. The army of Nasr was defeated by the troops of Ashot the Iron.

In 924 the battle of Sevan Lake took place. The Arabian army headed by Bashаr was defeated.

After Yusuf has died in 927, Ashot the Iron could liberate Armenia from the troops of Atrpatakan, restored the state system of the kingdom and beginning from the last yeаrs of his reign for a century Armenia enjoyed peace and was developing.

Ashot the Iron played key role in the history of the Bagratids kingdom. The figures such Ashot the Iron in the world history are called heroes of the epoch or historical persons.

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