From the history of the formation of the interstate border between Soviet Armenia and Soviet Azerbaijan


Hamo K. Sukiasyan

On the basis of the Armenian-Russian agreement signed on December 2, 1920 in Yerevan, Soviet Russia recognized the province of Zangezur of Yelizavetpol province as part of Soviet Armenia. Previously, on November 30, 1920 the Revolutionary Committee of Azerbaijan also declared Zangezur property of Soviet Armenia.

On August 31, 1921 People‘s Commissars of ASSR took the decision „about the formation of the province of Zangezur“, which meant only the territory under the guidance of Njdeh (western part of the province). Thus, although the leaders of the ASSR were pretending that Zangezur joined the Soviet Armenia, it concerned only the western part of the province.

On October 12-13,1921 at the meeting with the participation of 43 „responsible figures“ from Armenia and Azerbaijan, it was decided to hold a temporary border between the two states. Accordingly, the territories where in April 1921 they held the elections for local councils, were considered part of the territory of Azerbaijan, and those areas which were under the rule of G. Nzhdeh until July 1921 were attached to Armenia. A similar decision was taken just the day before during the meeting of the provincial Revolutionary Committee of Zangezur.

In fact, on the basis of an agreement signed in Yerevan on December 2, 1920, the province of Zangezur, which was part of the Soviet Armenia, now was implicitly divided between Soviet Armenia and Soviet Azerbaijan.

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