On the occasion of the 100th anniversary


Hayk A. Hambardzumyan

The poetry of Hamo Sahyan is characterized as a phenomenon of modern Armenian literature, as multifaceted and up to the end incomprehensible thing. He began the writing in the late 1930’s, and than become famous during the Second World War. His amazing poems are about his native land, and about the people who live and work in harmony with nature.

The poetic motives of harmony between nature and man, images and metaphors of the animated nature are implemented in all Sahyan’s books from “On the banks of the Vorotan” (1946) to the last published book “Dno’t think that I’m missing” (1998).

Inspired by the Armenian folklore, using the depictive means of folk poetry, H. Sahyan had created a amazingly beautiful and the deep poetic images of the world, country and the natural man, who was estranged from nature and forgot his roots, but dreams of a return to mother nature and his forgotten essence.

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