On the trajectory of Kh. Abovyan’s romantism and literary movements of the 19th century


Souren D. Danielian
Romantic direction had composed the first stage and had prepared successive process periods in the sources of Armenian new and newest literature. In this article substantiates the exclusive role of Khachatur Abovian in the first steps of Armenian new literature, for his this literature is the expression of romantic breath, the impact of imagination and reality, establishment of ideals. Due to Khachatur Abovian the way of Armenian literature new way we named Abovianian. To collect in different times the attitude and displaying of Armenian and Russian literary mention (Nshan Mouradian, Arsen Terterian, Arshak Chopanian, Sergey Sarinian, Hrand Tamrazian, Eduard Jrbashian, Viktor Vanslov, Andrey Dmitriev and others) to realism and romanticism, we have concluded that the gradual changes of literature have been in the spotlight of possession of romanticism. Khachatur Abovian (in the 19th century, first half), Petros Dourian (the end of 60’s of 19th century and beginning of 70’s), Raffi (70-80’s of 19th century) and Daniel Varoujan (beginning of 20th century) were theoretical ground for separate literature movements and periodical forms. And their creative achievements, as a matter of fact, were become the basis for the development of Armenian New Literature main periods. We have tried to establish that the strong conflict between romanticism and realism was the great stimulus for growing of Armenian Literature, his inseparable richness.

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