Gevorg S. Khudinyan
The article is subject to review the main phases of proposal and prosecution by Simon Zavaryan concerning the idea – principle of nation’s moral rebirth. It is shown that the idea was proposed at two levels: first, implantation of heroic idea and creation of honest, courageous and militant moral image of Armenian by propaganda and hard work within their party and second, the nation’s moral rebirth idea–principle’s application in the name of healthy and vibrant nation’s formation embodying the moral qualities of the Armenian people.

It is scientifically proven that Zavaryan’s dream of the nation’s moral revival, which represented fully developed and at the same time strong individual, basing upon altruism, has not been implemented in a politically unstable period of the 20th century and remained at the level of ideological minority, who founded the Armenian statehood. The paper presents the features of Armenians as Zavaryan outlined them, which could be exemplary in our time.

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