Mikhail A. Kokzhaev
This article is about one of the masterpieces of Armenian operatic art. Aleksander Harutyunyan’s “Sayat-Nova” presents the historical character of Armenian music. The originality is that Sayat-Nova himself was a poet and musician, known as ashugh, meaning a singer who creates love songs (both text and music and presents them to the public). Aleksander Harutyunyan cited some of Sayat-Nova’s songs written in the 17th century in his opera. Even when composing his own music, he displayed the style of the singer in his original music. As a result, unique composition is obtained, in which a synthesis of Armenian monody is conjoined with the classical genre of opera and the symphonic orchestra.

The article analyzes the dramaturgical features of the opera, for which two factors are essential: the content, and the peculiarity of the melody. The intonational structure is quite unique, causing the overall melodic environment to be unique as well. The component of the rhythm and the orchestration of the opera are also very interesting and meaningful. Each instrument or instrumental group is justified and used with reason.

Therefore, we can assert that Aleksandr Harutyunyan’s opera is a masterpiece not only within the framework of Armenian national operatic art, but in musical culture worldwide.

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