Outlines of Legal and Political Substantiations


Armen Ts. Marukyan
Until today, in the struggle for the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian people have only been able to secure the adoption of resolutions recognizing or condemning the Armenian Genocide by the parliaments of different countries or international organizations. It is important to note, however, that this strategy is no longer productive because it cannot guarantee the final resolution of the issue. For this very reason, it is necessary to change the strategy and moving forward, take the struggle toward the issue of overcoming the consequences of the Armenian Genocide, which in and of itself assumes not only the recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, but also restitution for the crime committed, which is probably the most important issue and without which recognition and condemnation become meaningless. Prior to taking any steps in this regard, corresponding Armenian and Diasporan structures and experts must first of all create the first large strategic document, «The consequences of the Armenian Genocide and the historical-legal basis of the package of demands to be presented to Turkey,» where it will be clearly registered what the Armenian people understand by saying the consequences of the Armenian Genocide and which demands they are preparing to present to Turkey. Based on the package of demands that will be developed including also the strategic application of the document, «Concept for overcoming the consequences of the Armenian Genocide,» where the methods and mechanisms will be outlined, which will make it possible to achieve the eradication of the abovementioned consequences. Differing from the Package of Demands, the Concept must not be public, but rather it should be closed, with limited utilization in order not to have previous knowledge of the contents to prevent any of the steps to be taken in this regard.

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