Bibliography as straight line


Suren D. Danielyan

Key words – bibliography, Hakob Oshakan, Vahe Oshakan, Marc Nichanian, Artashes Der-Khachadourian, bibliographical data, criticism, press, narrative, tale, novel, criticism, mainstream of European mind.

The comprising of the Western Armenian great writer Oshakan’s bibliography had a long and hard way, that began since 1946s of the last century, when the writer was alive and interested in estimating his works. Our attention is focused on his collection “Qaghhanq” (“Chosen works”) (1946). After many years of bibliographical work Oshakan got a chance to overpass his literature and memorandum from merely personal circle to all European critical principals of his time. Since 30s Oshakan got acknowledged as a theorist and promoted Armenian literature all the way up to the level of world literature.

From this perspective Artashes Der-Khachadourian’s and Marc Nichanian’s bibliographical work (1999) is prominent and retains our attention as their analysis can be evaluated as remarkable literary piece in the bibliography of Armenian Literature.

In this article we have tried to show the main tendencies of the writer’s perception that brought to an ultimate conclusion: we are on the verge of a necessity for the compilation of new bibliography.

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