Albert A. Makaryan

The article is dedicated to the printed and unprinted literary heritage of the prematurely de ceased daughter of the famous novelist Tserents, Taguhi Shishmanyan MelikAzaryants (pen nam e Miss Menik – 1859-1885). This authoress was not only her father’s virtuous “muse-daughter”, “gu ar dian-angel”, but also a shrewd thinker whose unprinted letters and memoirs contain infor mat ion of an inestimable value: on the one hand, they give the full depiction of Tseresnts’s life and literary wor ks, his public and political activity, present the history of the creation of his works; on the other hand, they reveal, specify and proofread the literary portrait of this or that thinker and revive the epoch.

The article also thoroughly analyzes the specific pattern of “little prose” entitled “A Meteor of Spring” written by the talented authoress and which has been preserved up till now. Just after the pub l ication (1883) this work has received great attention by the literary workers, such as Arpiar Arpi aryan, Mateos Mamuryan, Ervand Otyan, etc. This work is still of great interest for the modern A rmenian literature not only as a newlyopened road to short story genre, but also as an observation of man-woman relationship…

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