Continuous Clashes of Language and Soul

Suren D. Danielyan
The switch of a part of the Armenian writers to foreign languages became a usual phenomenon. In our days it is more actual: it happens so because the writers in the boundless Diaspora take higher education in foreign languages. Living in a strange area, they express themselves in a spurious language structure. For us “foreign” is already “vernacular” for them.

Nevertheless, the consciousness of our national history, our past, general fate not only hints about the inner pride, but also about the complex of obligation which maybe heavily loaded, alongside with the generous world in their sub-conscience.

Here, the homeland scientist opens questions of artistic texts of foreign language Armenian writers such as Piter Najarian, Piter Souryan, Sevda Sevan, Vahe Godel, Diana Der-Hovhannesian, Carol Edgarian, Ruben Meliq and others. The author of this article draws theoretical conclusions in the light of the well-known formulae of William Saroyan, Hakob Oshagan, Minas Teoleolian, Osheen Keshishian, Vartan Partamian and others.

For foreign language literature it is our national advantage that is important which is always in a contradiction to the artistic benefit. As a result, our tenderness often expresses the middle level work, because our national pain, cry often merit high admission, than the writer, who goes to pursue the way of artistic search. In this case, we have to work with the case where the event dominates on the writer. It’s the way which hasn’t subdued in our perceptions yet.

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