Rouben-Prepared by Aram S. Saiyan

The rebellion of Ararat in 1926-1930 isn’t sufficiently studied both in world, Soviet and especially Armenian historical science. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of sources, as well as, the lack of Armenian translation of studies done in foreign languages, especially in Turkish and Kurdish languages.

All this is supplemented by a spacious letter from the prominent figure of the Armenian liberation war, Minister of Defense and Military Forces of the First Republic Rouben (Minas Ter-Minasian).The note entitled “Kurdish Case in Persia” is preserved in the 64th file’s first list of 1048 fund in Armenian National Archive: it’s a detailed report consisting of 34 pages written in the exercise-book and is addressed to ARF’s Bureau. In it Rouben speaks about his special mission carried out in Persia for supporting Ararat’s rebellion. In report the events that took place in spring of 1930, i.e. the process of organizing the Kurdish tribes against the Turks, the military proceedings, as well as, the rebellion’s defeat and the clashes taking place afterwards in some provinces of West Armenia are described in detail.

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