Romik Kh. Qocharyan,
Anahit R. Jijyan

Key words – social, social science, socially significant, object, need, truth.

The purpose of this research is to reveal the truth-of-being of social science by hermeneutic methodology,perception, critical analysis, and interpretation of the theoretical and practical aspects and components of the whole unity truth of the essenceof the “social science”. The queries of this studyare, first, “What is social scienceasbeing?” or “How does the social scienceexist?”, second, “What is the social science as entity?”, third, “How is the social scienceworking?”, and, fourth, “For what is social science?”. By the suggested queries of the article in the sphere of scientific and particularly social-scientific thought once morethe interesting problems are introduced: to investigate the inner connection of “wisdom” and “science”, in this particular case, of “wisdom” and “social science”.As a result of such researchapproach in scientific knowledge and, namely, in the “social science” appears the possibility to present explicitly the counsel of wisdom. Social science, as such, is called to have openness of its being and hence to the truth of its existence, namely the need and intention to improve social life. Social science in its truth and perspective being chooses and investigates events and deeds by which it is possible to express the genuinely necessary and preferablethingsin human deeds for constructing good-orderly human life. Understanding and to interpreting counsels of wisdomcontained in socially-significant events and deeds of human life is the true calling of social science that was originally inherent to it. The calling of social science addressed to contemporaries and descendants is identical to the calling of reading social-scientific investigation:toreach andcomprehend the wisdom of spiritual-civilized identity, life and culture of human community: in past, present and possible perspective future. The nature of social science or the truth of being-of-social science as such is revealed in the definition of social science. And in this article by revealing and summing up the essential and preferable features of social science through formulas of thought the definitions of social science by its subject are presented.

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