Tigran M. Petrosyants

Key words – Zakare B.; Zakaryan; Ayrarat province; viceroyalty; Vache A; capital Amberd; amira; commander-executor; hedjub; servicemen; vicegerent;adviser; village chief(s) ; tax collector; messenger.

The administrative government reform was carried out and viceroyalties were formed in Zakaryan Armenia in the early 13th century. The creation of a new government structure presumed the application of new approaches. Courts were also established in viceroyalties: they were formed on the principle of the Zakaryan house. The courts of viceroyalties were the copy of Zakare B’s court. One of the newly created viceroyalties was formed on the territory of the liberated Ayrarat province and handed over to military commander Vache A Vachutyan. The viceroyal had the high title of Prince of Princes headed the hierarchy of the government of the Ayrarat viceroyalty. The viceroyal called himself the Grand Prince, the prince of princes, the paron, the lord, while he called his possessions “princedom” and “viceroyalty”. Other levels of the hierarchy were occupied by the local princes. The Amira, the commander-executor, the Hedjub, the servicemen, the adviser, the village chief(s), the tax collector and the messenger were considered as the highest-ranking officials at the viceroyal’s court. On the basis of the preserved materials the palace hierarchy of the Ayrarat viceroyalty is presented in the article.

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