The History of Armenian periodicals. 1920-1922, volume 2, Yerevan, Institute of History NAS RA, 2017, 787 pages. – 2018-1


David V. Petrosyan

Key words – Eastern-Armenian press, Western-Armenian press, historical-analytical method, research, structure, periodical press, thematic department, title, parties.

The review has considered a number of issues related to the content, structure and themes of the second volume of the recently published “History of Armenian Periodicals.” The work is noteworthy for clear structural divisions, a concept developed to represent the importance and significance of a largescale project.

Apart from referring to the well-known periodicals of Eastern and Western Armenians, the volume also represents and depicts in different chapters the Armenian press in the Armenian colonies (Egypt, France, Bulgaria, Iran, the USA) and parties, most of which are unknown to the reader.

Through the combination of general observations and specific descriptions typical for the historical – philological method, the book presents the complete picture of the Armenian press in the first two decades of the 20th century.

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