Mihran A. Minassian

Key words – Armenian Genocide, Syrian Desert, Pap, Meskene, 1915-1916, epidemics, murders.

Publication presents the previously unpublished memoirs of Hovhannes Khacherian, the survivor of the Armenian genocide from Bardizag. The author gives detailed description of the treatment of Armenians in the concentration camp at Pap settlement in Syrian deserted areas at the end 1915 and the beginning of 1916. He describes misery and death reigning there, then gives description of his journey from Pap to Meskene and of the numerous corpses he had seen on his way.

Pap is considered as one of the largest cemeteries of the Armenian nation, where during the years of the Armenian Genocide about 80-100,000 Armenian deportees died as a result of epidemics and unbearable living conditions imposed by the Ottoman empire.

Introductory survey about the Armenian concentration camp at Pap, as well as, numerous explanatory notes are provided.

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