David Petrosyan. Narration, Media-text, Reverse Perspective Yerevan, YSU, 2017, 184pp. – 2017-3


Sergey A. Aghajanyan

Key words – Narration, speech, media-text, reverse perspective, essay, scientific method, term, identity, text, variant reading.

The summary presents the content and structure of the fragmented monograph «Narration, Media-text, Reverse Perspective» by D. Petrosyan. The work consists of three parts. The first section articles aim at finding out the connection between narration and reverse perspective in the context of mythical and rational time, space and memory.

The main problem of the second part is the dialogistic character of mediatext, inter-textual and inner-textual development where linear connections and relations from media to auditorium and vice versa are shown.

The final collection of essays aim at the synthesis of the previous two sections on metaphysical level. Here the peculiarities of author’s artistic perception of a human being are revealed.

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