Albert A. Makaryan, Astghik V. Soghoyan

Key words – R. Patkanyan, “I was Engaged”, ”Mistress and Maid”, “Ambitious”, N. Gogol, Chichikov, Armenian romanticism, aesthetics of romanticism, genre peculiarities, creation of characters.

The article is dedicated to the study of composition peculiarities of the novels by Rapael Patkanyan (“I was Engaged”, “Mistress and Maid”, “Ambitious”). It’s an attempt to newly reveal the ideological-aesthetic and poetic peculiarities of the novels written by the writer, who has long before become classic, to identify their literary ties and methods used for creating characters as well as other related issues. The main conclusion of the study is, that though the novels under consideration are not perfect and in the genre of novel the author is unable to reach to such a harmony of form and plot, that is perceived in his poetry, nonetheless, they are interesting expressions of romanticism and sentimentalism, are of some literary value and have their peculiar place in the history of Armenian literature.

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