The problem of hierarchization of genocides according to Pierre Nora


Smbat Kh. Hovhannisyan
The article is an attempt to analyze in general outline and by some main accents Pierre Nora’s concept about the bill of criminalization of Armenian genocide’s denial in France. On one hand it is considered in the overview of his theory about “memory and history” and on the other hand – in the general overview of theories about history and memory.
It’s notable that P. Nora makes reasonable connections between the idea of freedom and the freedom of history (consequently also historiography), where this principle is very important and perspective. Though, some of his approaches impede the structural discussion concerning memory and commitment. First of all, we mean not only the weakness of his arguments on the bill of criminalization of Armenian genocide’s denial, but also the denial of the genocide as history, moreover, the contrasting of Armenian genocide with Holocaust and the determination of gradation between them, even in the case when Armenians were not only subjected to Genocde in 1915, but also to Patricide (depatriated).

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