Marieta K. Nikoghosyan
Thus, the focus is mainly on Heidegger’s philosophy ‘’existence’’ analysis of the concept of meaning. According to him, being from Western philosophical thought until his early days, has been perceived as a presence. Presence is being defined as the presence of time. In other words, Heidegger is for being on time or existential existence. Throughout the human being interpretation of the basic method by Heidegger of human existence, which he means ‘’Dasein’’ term. Researchers believe that human perception by Heidegger rather ‘’Dasein’’ existence is the consciousness of being. The founder of German existentialism is convinced that the only human being is aware of his own mortality and just being aware of its existence՚s contemporarity, due to which he is able to realize his being, as an existential being, meant historically to be open to his understanding of the existence.

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