Part III: Consolidation of Chalcedonian provinces and formation of the Transcaucasia united kingdom of chalcedonians


Arman S. Yeghiazaryan
In the second half of the X century the Armenian kingdom of Bagratunis gradually separated to some lesser kingdoms and lost the control over Transcaucasian countries. That was a great opportunity for the Abkhazian kingdom, which tried to unit all chalcedonian provinces in Transcaucasia. Abkhazian king Georgi (929-957) could conquer Georgia, and although his army was defeated by Armenians near the Kur River, the Armenian king Abas (929-953) did not develop the success. After Georgi’s death Abkhazian kings lost their chance to keep Georgia under their control.

In the second half of the X century in Transcaucasia was acting powerful David the Curopalate of Taik. He called for help Smbat II the king of Armenia (977-989) and they jointly could overthrow Theodos – the Abkhazian king (975978) and put on the Abkhazian throne Bagrat III Bagratuni (978-1014) son of daughter of Georgi the Abkhazian king and Gurgen Bagratuni from Kgharjk.

During two decades Bagrat liquidated all Kgharjian Bagratunis and David the Curopalate of Taik. The main goal of this policy was to overcome the feudal separatism and form a united kingdom of chalcedonians.

When Gagik I the Armenian king (989-1020) could strengthen the Armenian kingdom again, Bagrat III used its authority and power in confrontation with the Gandzak emirate.

On the first decade of XI century Bagrat III could consolidate Transcaucasian chalcedonian provinces and found the united kingdom of chalcedonians.

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