Arthur S. Ghazaryan
The article is a brief reference to the positions of Simon Zavaryan (one of the founders of AR Federation) concerning social justice. Living and taking his activities at the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when on one part Armenia was under the pressure of the Ottoman Empire and on the other part under the pressure of tsarist Russia, Zavaryan was not only against feudalism, he was really struggling against feudalistic system.One of Zavaryan’s ideas was that the development of the individual person should go on without the distinction of the class of language. Favorable conditions should be created for the development of every single person. In his articles Zavaryan also mentioned the importance of the correlation of justice and personal property; he thought that the concentration of too much property prevents the development of the individual.

The article also presents the means and ways suggested by Zavaryan that will lead to a fair society: to the establishment of socialism.

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