At the late 19th and early 20th centuries


Samvel S. Avetisyan
One of three founders of AR Federation – Simon Zavaryan was not only a social and political figure; he greatly contributed also to the development of the Armenian economic thought in the late 19th and early 20th century. He graduated from the one of the most eminent and democratic higher educational institutions – Petrovsky Agricultural Academy and engaged in affairs concerning agriculture in Caucasus, Zavaryan traveled all over Transcaucasia, especially in the provinces of Kutaisi, Yerevan and Yelizavetpol and in the region of Kars, he there examined the agriculture of the country and the life of the peasants, then he published series of valuable monographs and numerous scientific articles.

The following research is the first attempt to appreciate at its true value the scientific heritage of Simon Vratsyan, to explore the importance and currency of the ideas expressed in his works published in Russian and Armenian languages.

At present, even after one century, we can conclude due to the research/ examination of his scientific and social-political heritage that Zavaryan was revolutionary also in the sphere of agricultural economics and his propositions concerning the development of agriculture are very urgent and relevant nowadays.

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