Comparative Analysis of the Characteristic of 20th century Epic Writings


Knarik A. Abrahamian 

Our article is dedicated to the creative and theoretical relationship that exists between Eastern Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak and Western Armenian poet Zareh Khrakhouni.

It’s interesting, that in the 1960s two separate cultural environments formed independent literary movements. The Eastern Armenian literary scene, influenced by P. Sevak, was characterized as “non-poetic poetry,” while Z. Khrakhouni’s poetry established “objective symbolism” within Western Armenian literature.

It’s not a superfluous observation to say that recognition between the two poets was not mutual. The Western Armenian poet from Istanbul knew Eastern Armenian poet P. Sevak very well. The same cannot be said about P. Sevak, who never mentioned Z. Khrakhouni in his poems, articles or letters. This fact comes to show that regularity between two artists can be seen in the development of literature, but not as a subjective influence.

Comparing methods in literature is vital to understanding inter-literary history that fate separated to two sections. The comparative work between two cultural systems gives us a chance to see their history through one lens.

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