In Memory of the Martyred Writer and Intellectual


Anahit G. Nahapetyan
Poet, writer, literary critic Artashes Harutyunyan (1873-1915) was one of the benefactors of Western Armenian literature. He developed the literary-cultural program “Tomorrow’s Literature,” which had a contained message in the perception of national literature and corresponded to European historical-comparative and psychological perceptions.

While he was alive, the writer was able to publish three modest collections of poetry. However, while modest, almost 460 of those poems have been published in the pages of about 60 Armenian and French publications; compiling these works was undertaken by the author of this article. Artashes Harutyunyan’s views, the new percepts of his writings, old and newly discovered facts about him are disclosed in the article. His well known personality is revealed on the depths of Western Armenian literary culture from the critique of psychological literary interpretation, which is an innovative phenomenon and until today insufficiently elucidated.


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