Literary Criticism within a Methodological Framework


Sergey N. Sarinyan

Literary Criticism occupies a special place in the system of the humanitarian sciences. Its development as a science has a history of centuries which, originating from ancient Exegetics via a complex flow of methodological pursuances, reached our days. Literary Criticism is one of the branches of philological sciences and has its own method and methodology. The nature of the method is conditioned by the studied object’s overall content of literature where it deals with the natural and social sciences. The selfdetermination of literary criticism as a separate area of study starts from the second half of the 19th century and, already, in the 20th century it is subdivided into unique investigatory directions: sociological, psychological, marxistic, formalistic, linguistic, etc. Methods of global eminence are considered to be Impressionism, Marxism, and Structuralism with its two philosophical directions: Existentialism and Phenomenology. Neopositivism and Postmodernism give direction to modern Literary Criticism.

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