The Theory of History L. Febvre and M. Bloch


Smbat Kh. Hovhannisyan

The achievements of the French Historical Movement (School) the “Annales” are obvious. The role of the founders, L. Febvre and M. Bloch, is significant in promoting the research area of the field. The borders of history and other social sciences have been extended, their interactions have been intensified. As a result, traditional (descriptive) history undertook a new mission of structuralizing the basic dimensions of historical time – the features of the past, present and future. Some scholars formulate this achievement as a “revolution in history.”

The crisis of traditional historiography had basic cases at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. It faces the problem of devising new methods of research. In its turn the latter a necessity has a risen to change the borders of history and various fields of the humanities (sociology, social anthropology, politology, geography etc.). Due to this, history, on the one hand, has expended its area of scope, and innovated on the other its research facilities.

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