Artashes I. Shahnazaryan

The obvious distortion of historical facts and events in the publication “Goris 2010, a Season of the Theatre of the Absurd,” signed by Ramiz Mehtiev, the chief of staff of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan are revealed in this article. “Scientists” are contributing to the ongoing anti-Armenian hysteria in Azerbaijan by ignoring the content of Armenian lithography and other original sources by “revealing” “dukes” and duchies in Medieval Artsakh, by appropriating the works by Armenian historians and their attempts at subterfuge are refuted by Arabic, Armenian and Georgian original sources.

Illustrated here is the latest incursion against Armenian history and Armenian culture by Azerbaijani “scientists,” which is intricately connected with that country’s consistent policy, since independence, of the massive destruction of Armenian monuments and the distortion of medieval place names and serves as a so-called “scientific basis” for such crimes.

Also elucidated here is their latest attempt to artificially present the time period of the formation of the Azerbaijani people older than it actually is and to connect them with the old and medieval history of the region.

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